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Hydraulic cylinders

HB2A cylinder NOVHYDRO single acting cylinder dia 20 to dia 70
POLHYDRO double acting cylinder dia 50 to dia 150
HYDROBRIDS double acting compact design dia 16 to dia 40
TT telescopic cylinder single acting dia 50 to dia 110
MVE hydraulem threaded mini cylinder (3210 range)

Electric motor pumps

Energy origin : electricity
These pumps convert electricity into hydraulic flow-pressure
electric motor 0,55 kW to 9 kW
flow 0 to 35 L/mn
pressure 0 to 350 bar (5000 psi)
standard models or user adapted packs

Manual directional control valves

Rotary distributor

D4B, D6B
4 ways - 3 positions
11 model up to 500 bar (7200 psi)
multifluid, usable with oil, water, kerosene, gasoline etc...

Hydraulic accessories

CDPA decompression valve with pneumatic operation
CFE check valve
BHG cam operated hydraulic decompression valve
hoses, gauges ...

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