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Hydropneumatic pump and pressure testing pump

Energy origin : air pressure 1 to 7 bar (15 to 100 psi).
These pumps convert air pressure into hydraulic pressure.

PAH air operated hydraulic pump

Air operated hydraulic pump

PHP4 hydro-pneumatic pump

air inlet 2 to 7 bar (29 to 100 psi)
can be used with hydraulic oil, water, kerosene, gasoline or other non corrosive liquids
6 standard models offer many pressure-flow combinations
pressure range from 4 to 1150 bar (60 to 16000 psi)
flow from 0 to 14 L/mn
heavy duty construction for long life, even in intensive applications
pump to be connected to user supplied valving and reservoir

ATEX models intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
EPDM seals available for Skydrol ® fluid

Hydro-Air Hydro-pneumatic pump


hydraulic pump (oil) with pneumatic motor
with unloading valve
inlet air pressure from 1 to 7 bar (15 to 100 psi)
pressure 250 bar (3600 psi)
with integrated reservoir (1,8L, 5L or 7,5L) or without reservoir

PAO Hydro-Air pump

GPHP4 hydro-pneumatic pump

Ready for use complete hydraulic pressure pumps

Easy to use with manual control valve
For hydraulic pressure testing, buckling, crimping, etc
6 pump models from 0 to 1150 bar (1600 psi)
1 pump model up to 2500 bar (36000 psi)
Can be used with hydraulic oil, water, kerosene, gasoline or other non corrosive liquids
May be delivered with or without reservoir

Other products

Mini pump CUB and testing group PORTACUB
for your laboratory or on site tests

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